Selection of realized projects


Tailor-made system for MALEDA, s.r.o. company

MALEDA s.r.o. company is family owned business with coffee chain, catering and own production of delicatessen production. None of existing systems has met the requirements of the company, therefore a tailor-made solutions was created. System IS MALEDA is able to effectivelly plan and help to steer the entire company.

Project duration

2013 –
SLA – system in operation 24/7, need to respond within hours if a serious problem occurs


  • Production planning that takes into account current needs from coffee and external orders
  • Distribution planning - daily distribution of goods to stores and external orders to customers
  • Warehouse
  • Automatic ordering of goods for production - automatic calculation and ordering of necessary goods for production from suppliers
  • External orders and their inclusion into production
  • Employee management
  • Eshop with connection to the system

Long-term cooperation with VRK plus, s.r.o. company

VRK plus s.r.o. is engaged in the development of a system for managing of colleges and universities (ISIS) and tool for the preparation and updating of school education programs (SMILE).

We reviewed the development process in the company and set up an effective process environment for further development. We are cooperating on the development of the project "Elektronizace vzdělávacího systému regionálního školství" (EVSRŠ) for the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic, and we are also cooperating on the development of the SMILE and ISIS systems.

Project duration

2011 –


  • Cooperation on project of Slovak ministry of education - DIGI škola
  • Cooperation on development of systems SMILE and ISISI
  • Review and set up of development processes in company

IPTV set-top box with, s.r.o.

The project was dedicated to the development of product in cooperation with Now the project is in the phase of product maintenance. The partner company is the main Internet provider in the area of Hlučín, Dolní Benešov and other cities in the area. The idea was to create  intelligent set-top box solution for IPTV. in cooperation with, s.r.o. we have created a fully functional and scalable device that allows not only watching IPTV, but also using the box as a home entertainment center, information of local events and businesses, and connection with local government.

Project duration

Developmnet: 2013 – 2014
Maintenance: 2014 – , system SLA is 24/7


  • Design and developoment of IPTV set-top box
  • Information system for remote management of set-top box
  • Services and applications based on Android
  • Marketing of the product

CRM Connector

CRM Connector is web application that processes exported data from economy software Pohoda or other economy system and import them into CRM Raynet. Connector transfers business cases, clients and products.

Project duration

2017 –